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Do I remodel my bathroom?

Bathroom remodels are the most cost-effective (around 75% return) when major fixtures can remain in place, allowing you to focus on the flooring, sink, vanity, mirrors, lighting and fresh paint.

Start by making a list of the changes that you would like to see. Price out these changes and give yourself a budget. Change doesn't always mean a huge cost. Even though Pinterest and YouTube can provide us with a lot of helpful DIY tips, if this is not a project you want to tackle yourself, consider doing your research and hiring a budget friendly contractor. Ask friends or your Realtor for referrals.

Don't rush yourself. If you are anything like me, when you want a change you want it NOW. This could cost you more than you originally wanted to spend if you are in a hurry. Take your time, do your research price out and plan your remodel. Make sure to also plan for the unexpected. Especially in some older homes, hidden water damage or slow leaks may arise when you start digging behind your current fixtures, these will need to be corrected and can often cost a little more than you think to restore them properly. Don't plan your project during a peak building time, when contractors are busy their fees often increase. What is your goal for the look of this bathroom, is it the look or the efficiency that you are after?

Make sure not to skimp on the most important things like faucets- don't buy the cheapest ones buy ones that come with a lifetime warranty, these are what are going to be used the most.

Studies show the number one current major feature even for some top builders is moving away from the once desired large oval soaking tubs to the ultimate over sized shower experience. To create this desired sensual experience, showers are being built complete with multiple shower heads, rain like shower heads, sprayers and warming lamps. Most people’s lifestyles today don’t allow them to take the time in the bathtub they would like and want that same pampering feel from their shorter shower experience. These ultimate showers are on the upward trend. The increasing popularity that was once only seen as a million dollar home luxury can be affordable for even the average re-modeler, depending on how elaborate you want to go. Consult a plumber or contractor to find out how easily this can be done in your space.

Plan your vanity to have plenty of surface space to set toiletries down. Coming from me, a girl, it is always frustrating not to have the space needed to set out all of your things to get ready. Also make sure there is accurate storage for towels and other necessary items. The one thing you probably don't want to do is to run out of the shower and down the hall for your towel because there is no place in your bathroom to store them. If you don't have adequate storage in the bathroom, consider hanging a shelf on the wall or a unit behind your toilet for go-to items.

Provide plenty of light. If your bathroom doesn't have windows try adding more lighting to create the illusion that it does. This will heighten your overall preparation experience, whether it is showering, putting on makeup or simply brushing your teeth.

Be careful if buying items online. You are never certain a look, finish or shade from a computer screen is what something will look like when it arrives on your door step. You may consider going to some home improvement stores near you to view items in person and then search for those same items online for a reduced cost. Remember however, dye lots can vary from batch to batch, so take this into consideration, especially with tiles or natural stone.

Granite is becoming increasingly more popular and has migrated from the kitchen to the bathroom. It holds up well and is a great surface easily cleaned and looks sharp. Porcelain sink tops have also brought out-of-date bathrooms up to speed. I have even seen on Pinterest how you can turn your current marble sink into a faux-granite look with a simple kit and video. This is something I just might try myself.

Whatever you do my advice is to plan, budget and consider why you are making the changes before you take the leap into any remodel that you are considering on your home. Also, don't forget to ask the advice of your trusted Realtor who can help you plan for the future resale of your home, whether that is in 2 months or 20 years.

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